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Association of Christian Home Educators of Ventura County








There are two steps needed to join ACHEV-News.

 1. Create a Yahoo! Account

 2. Request to join ACHEV-News


  ATTENTION:In the Comment to Owner box,  please note that you have sent in your membership application and also tell us your name.



Request to join ACHEV-News now or read further for additional help.



If you need help with the online process of joining ACHEV-News, we recommend you print this page to help you navigate through the necessary steps.



STEP 1 Create a Yahoo! ID

1. Click on this link to create a Yahoo! Account if you do not already have one. Create a Yahoo! Account.

2. Click on "Join This Group." (in blue box at the top right of the page)

3. If you already have a Yahoo! ID, sign in. Skip to STEP 2.

4. If you do not have a Yahoo! ID, click on " Don't have a Yahoo! ID? Sign Up." Your ID can be your own name or a nickname or anything you want. Your Yahoo! ID is what will identify you on the ACHEV-News' Yahoo! Group. The Yahoo! ID you chose will also be used to create a Yahoo! email address if you want one. If your Yahoo! ID is janesmith, your Yahoo! email address will be janesmith@yahoo.com. If you already have an email address, you may choose not to "Create my free Yahoo! email address." Just click on the check mark and it wil "unclick" this feature for you. Under "Alternate email" enter your established email address.

5. Click on "I agree." Your registration is complete for a Yahoo! ID.

6. Click on "Continue to Yahoo! Groups."


STEP 2 Request to join ACHEV-News


1. You are signed in to Yahoo! and now you need to join our group.

2. Under Yahoo! Profile click "Add New Profile." Click "Edit." Click "Edit Profile Information." Type in your real name. Click "Save Changes." Then go back 4 pages (use the back button on your own desktop) to get back to the ACHEV-News' Join This Group page. (An awkward feature for Yahoo!)

3. Under Email Address you have a choice. You can use your newly created Yahoo! email address to receive emails from the group or you can use your already established email address. Choose one or the other here. If you choose another email address, you will be asked to verify it.

4. Under "Comment to Owner", please note that you have sent in your membership application and tell us your name.

5. Click "Join."



Your request to join this Yahoo! Group will be processed once we have received your ACHEV Membership Application.



 Did you forget to put your full name in your profile?


1. Go to the ACHEV-News Yahoo! Group at ACHEV-News

2. Click on "Join This Group".

3. Enter your Yahoo! ID and password (if you are not already signed in to Yahoo).


3. Under Yahoo! Profile, click on "Add new profile".

4. Find where it says, "Yahoo! ID:". Your Yahoo! ID should be written next to that. To the right of that, click on "Edit".

5. Click on "Edit Profile Information".

6. Type in your full name where it says "Real Name".

7. Scroll down and click on "Save Changes".
















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